Mender Society makes it easier for you to repair and decorate your clothes with beautiful embroideries.

The concept is simple. Mender Society offers a range of embroidery kits that contain one or several design sheets, embroidery floss and a step-by-step guide to making the embroidery. Add our tool kit to your first order, and you are ready to begin!

What you get

Embroidery kits

Our embroidery kits make it easier for you to create a beautiful hand embrodiery on your clothes. Each kit includes a one or several design sheets that wil help you transfer the design from paper to your clothes, step-by-step instructions as well as embroidery floss in the colors of your choice.

Basic Tool Kit

Add the Basic Tool Kit to your order and get all the essential equipment you need to make your first embroidery.

Patching Kit

When using embroideries to cover a hole in your garment, we strongly recommend that you start by patching the hole using our patch kit made from deadstock and recycled fabric.

The details of how it works

Where to apply the embroidery

Our embroideries can be applied almost anywhere you think they will look good. But be aware to avoid places on your garment with seams and/or where multiple layers of fabric join, like armpits or on pocket and crotch seems.

Which fabrics work well with embroidery

Our embroideries are tried and tested on non-stretch and stretchy cotton, jeans and canvas, finely machine knitted wool and wool/silk blends, and linen. Applying them to any other fabric will be at your own risk.

How to cover holes with embroidery

Our embroideries can easily cover holes in your garment. Start by closing the hole before applying the embroidery, using either a patch for larger holes or simply needle and thread for small holes.