My name is Katrine, and I am the founder of Mender Society.

Mender Society was founded in 2022 on a frustration over growing piles of perfectly good clothes that had suffered a small damage which I didn't know how to fix. Being a millennial child, I was raised to consume rather than repair, and my lack of needlework skills has impaired my ability to behave responsibly with my clothes.

Wanting to make it easier for people like myself to take proper care of their clothes, my goal with Mender Society is to develop a range of mending kits that can help you - even as a beginner - make beautiful repairs that prolong the life of your favorite clothes. 

This is important because repairing clothes, whether done at the tailor or at home, is a way to reduce our consumption of new clothes and thereby lessen our negative environmental impact.

Adding mending to your personal catalogue of responsible habits is one of many ways to support the transition to a sustainable world.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, feedback or other inquiries. I will love to hear from you!